DCLXVI – The Numeral of the Beast - Part 4

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Part 4

This strangely romantic memory leaves me saddened in a comfortable way as I now know that obviously, nobody stole my ideas or thoughts, there was just millions of others who were thinking the same things and feeling the same way. Lucky for me I had the men in white to look up to and for the next few years they were like gods to me. Without any real knowledge or understanding I had taken the first steps towards my future from inside that funny box in the corner, I liked it and wanted more. It would become my hiding place whenever things were bad…

Although as of yet I have given little away I hope some intrigue has been created, and you now want to see what lies ahead and behind. This is my convoluted way of promoting my, as of yet unpublished novel trilogy Breaking the Tranquillity of Solitude and finally, maybe achieving some of those goals that I blotted out years ago as being unattainable. In truth this book and it's story has come from well over ten years of thoughts that I couldn’t share, dreams I couldn’t describe and feelings I couldn’t explain, as well as from a lifetime of TV and musical influence. It is a sci-fi, horror, love story thriller and confuses even me sometimes when I try to understand it's true origins

OK, so if you passed the test of me deliberately going deep in parts 1,2 and 3 and are still with me let me tell you now that I can be a very deep and confusing person. I hope you can get used to the strangeness of my many funny ways, that rest assured, long will not be an issue; I aim to make these blog posts relatively short and as entertaining as possible to keep and generate more interest in my project of getting my books published. Less is more they say so let’s crack on…

I had found TV for real in 72’ but in hindsight I am sure I remember clearly much from as far back as 68’. Either way it was formative but at the time largely irrelevant and I, like many others was rapidly addicted to TV. It was different in those days though, because parents seriously restricted this sort of entertainment and even more relevant there was only 3 channels. Although I know for absolute certainty that TV and, more latterly, music was the eventual catalyst for my potential literary career, I can say with equal certainty that TV in 72’ was just fun. Back then I had none of the hang ups I carry now, life was simple, my only ambition was to go to the moon or be a football star…


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