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Who are we you ask ? Well it’s a great question as the world of publishing is a strange and wonderful place. EDJ publishing was founded, devised and set up by new author Eddie Johnson hence the name Ed J made into the precariously pronounced Edj (Edge) Publishing. The concept epitomised Eddie's feeling of constantly being left at the edge of the literary world. Not well known enough to attract an agent and not confident enough to go to a so-called 'vanity publisher' without the risk of ploughing his pension pot into a project probably doomed to failure by being handled badly by companies who had already been paid and had no vested interest or desire to promote his work. The minefield of query letters and agent approach emails had left him numb and disillusioned, having sent thousands of enquiries he knew that even if his writing was not the best in the world that the response to a well written query was a lot more luck than judgement. Having found 'experts' all over the place only too happy to take his money to 'advise' on how to get better results from this unguaranteeable process he decided the best way to get published was to – do it himself.


That in itself, some will say is easy, however most self-published authors who have sold a few copies and got little or no interest in their books will tell you, it might be easy to do (depending on your PC skills) but it certainly doesn’t guarantee success in terms of sales. Even the quality of the book is no guarantee of success. Fame breeds success, so if you are lucky enough to already have fame getting your book published is easy even if the quality of the book is uncertain as might be the identity of the real author? This is not sour grapes, just merely a very annoying and inconvenient fact.


So Eddie looked long and hard into self-publishing and vanity publishing and decided that the cross between uncertainty, difficulty and the chances of losing a lot of money to gain a quite probably inferior product that he would no longer be in control of was not what he was after.

Then he came across an independent company that specialised in cover design. On speaking at length with this company Eddie soon realised that if you are not lucky enough to get an agent for your work that 'doing things yourself' could be a minefield full of deep financial potholes. Working in conjunction with this company Eddie set about developing EDJ as a brand that can facilitate production of not only the all important cover design required to sell your book online or instore but also to be able to offer professional editing services, typesetting and font design along with help with ISBN production as well as author platform and book website development, to name but a few aspects of what EDJ can help with.


Whilst doing this Breaking the Tranquillity of Solitude - his own trilogy of books - were used as the test case. As you can see on the books section of this site his covers is/are amazing. Examples of the typeset used in this, his first foray into writing are also shown there. Only time will tell if all the hard work will have been worth the effort for his own books, but if you have any single aspect of producing your own work that you need help with please contact us and we can direct you to any one of many different experts that Eddie has consulted during this process. 

At this early stage in our development it would be untrue to say that we could “publish” but we can certainly help the process along in many better ways than signing your life’s work over to a vanity publisher who only see’s £signs on your pages. If you need an amazing cover design, or editing services etc get in touch and we can discuss many options open to you. All advise is given freely with no obligation and we do not ask for ownership or take any sales commission on any book published with our help.

Breaking The Tranquillity of Solitude (Part Two)

The second book by author Eddie Johnson released on December 17th 2020
Breaking The Tranquillity Of Solitude Part 2 Cover

Breaking The Tranquillity of Solitude (Part One)

The first book by author Eddie Johnson released on December 17th 2019
Breaking The Ttranquillity Of Solitude Cover
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