DCLXVI – The Numeral of the Beast - Part 5

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Part 5

Let me now show you a sneak preview of how the book when it is finally published may feel;

What’s known as the blurb goes on the back cover and historically is what draws the potential reader from the act of looking at the shelf and picking up the book based on its front cover, to actually buying it and taking it home. In today’s digital technology I can help you with that part and even though the book is unpublished I can take you to that shelf and show you one possible option of how you might be drawn to this very particular story.

I will not show you the final cover art just yet, I need to string you along a little more, tease your mind a bit, but here is an exclusive preview of the blurb as it will appear on the final product.

Workaholic head of Future Transportation Development, Brody Martins, unwinds from the stress of his high-powered role with heavy-metal, gambling, tattoos and unlicensed fighting. But this lifestyle also serves the purpose of masking the pain of his so-far unrequited love. So when the long-coveted first date suddenly becomes a true possibility things begin to change very quickly.

On the brink of a scientific breakthrough at work, the excitement of imminent success in both his profession and his stagnant love life combine to distract him and he makes a catastrophic mistake. 

Whilst running one final routine test he is thrown into an alternate phase of reality billions of miles across the galaxy and, not realising his own error, strange and wonderful events begin to dominate his new existence.

Caught in this disturbingly familiar land of confusion and violence he must now fight; not only to find a way home but to stay alive and, ultimately, to save the universe and reality itself. Failure will destine him to a loveless life of physical torture and mental déjà vu. He must find a way home, back to his true love, and finally break the tranquillity of his own mental solitude.

I hope you like it and have by now decided to stick with me. Let’s progress together on to part 6, help me bring this whole project to life…


Excerpt from Breaking The Tranquillity of Solitude by Eddie Johnson
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