DCLXVI – The Numeral of the Beast - Part 15

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Part 15

The Grand Introduction

Following straight on from the possibly overly lengthy Preface is the much more to the point Introduction…

As merely the story-teller and reporter of this, I feel that to fully appreciate the incredible events you are about to discover, it is necessary that you get to know a little bit more about our main character Brody before we start.

Knowledge of some of the events in his past that have made him the man he is at the point where we commence our journey together, will certainly be of benefit in the understanding of his personality and how it affects and shapes the outcome of the adventures as they progress. I am therefore going to take the opportunity, as has been the tradition since Ancient Greek and Roman times to, within the Prologue, give you a brief background and taster of Brody and some of the others involved in this amazing tale.

Some of this information may seem irrelevant, quite innocuous and some just plain stupid, but you may find that the old saying ‘The devil is in the detail’ might be worth keeping in mind as you explore deeper into the strange and complex happenings that are about to unfold before you. There is another old proverb of a more dubious heritage that says, ‘Cometh the hour, cometh the man’. It may also be just as relevant and, as you may now be realising, not everything will always be as it seems.

Read into things what you will, take out of it what you can, but remember, the human brain is a very complex machine, capable of much more than we mere mortals usually allow.

Historically some have, over the years, tried different methods to help expand this potential such as the use of mind-altering substances or dabbling with horrific internal meddling or modification. Our character Brody did neither and, like this very volume you now hold, was always an open book.

Metaphorically speaking, one of his main problems was that the handwriting in that very book was not always easy to define, making him personally a difficult read. With patience, some managed to enjoy more than a single chapter of his life, but others just gave up on page one.
I hope you fair better and make your own decisions about him. Hopefully you will enjoy my account of his adventures because it is safe to say that in a lot of cases, he did not!


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