DCLXVI – The Numeral of the Beast - Part 36

A way to promote my fantasy trilogy - Breaking the Tranquillity of Solitude…

Part 36

The Dark Side

Last week I left you saying I was moving to the dark-side this week. Wooooo… Well what I meant was this. We all have a ‘darker side’. For some that is hidden racism, others homophobia, some folks are just angry all the time but have to keep it hidden. There is a million and one things that we all carry with us. I have endeavoured to be as honest as possible doing these blogs so here goes with bearing my soul – so to speak.
I hope I don’t upset anyone but my dark side is this :-

I want to be an actor and an author. I am pursuing both goals with everything I have got, this very blog is part of the journey. Remember when you had that school talk…

“Well Billy/Bertha, what do you want to be when you grow up…”

Well I always said – Astronaut, Footballer or Actor. I sincerely doubt I could have achieved the first job on the list and was laughed at by teachers and career officers alike so I aimed lower. Physicallity did not help me with this next one as I never really became big enough for my chosen and preferred position of goalkeeper. I did become a highly qualified coach though. Those who can… Do… Those who can’t… Teach…

Well two down and only 1 left, but I brought on a sub (writing) at half time so it was 2 – 0 after the first leg. I am now registered with a talent agency and have done a bit of extra work in crowds etc as well as having publishing my first book so I call it 2 – 2 going into extra time.

The dark side of me is now likely to see daylight as I kick on through this latest set back (Covid) to try to achieve the extra time result of getting a traditional publishing deal with an agent OR getting a part time paid acting career (or both), so it wasn’t that dark but having most of your dreams squashed as a child and the rest restricted by life getting in the way can take you to dark places. I am light hearted and determined and encourage you all to chase your dreams (within reason). You may only get one chance…


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