DCLXVI – The Numeral of the Beast - Part 44

Stories around my fantasy trilogy - Breaking the Tranquillity of Solitude.

Part Two of Part One.

Brody steps into his self-developed transportation pod for one final test before his meeting with the corporation's owner, and from that moment things start to change...

What started as a routine theoretical test transportation over 3 metres ends up with him being wrenched from reality and propelled into an alternate phase of reality, billions of miles across the cosmos. Time and space merge, and he finds himself trapped in a unique situation where every new thing he encounters is strangely familiar.

The first person he meets purports to be King Alfred the Great, and with no other option, Brody must travel with this man to safety away from impending Viking invasion. He is soon introduced to seven other characters who are initially referred to as "the others". These strange, child-like beings infiltrate his subconscious to warn him of the first man's untrustworthy nature. They do not speak and when the Vikings attack join forces with the fake king to create a mental screen that confuses and defeats the invaders. Confused by the seven and Alfred pulling him mentally between them, all he longs for is to understand what happened and how to get home...

It transpires that the smaller beings and the larger man are not human and the seven are actually trying control the other to bring him to justice for historic crimes committed in their phase. As Brody starts to see the light and support the others, the bigger man strands them and sets about trying to delay his own capture further by encouraging others to band against them...

At many places they follow his trail of destruction and mayhem until at one strange village the locals conspire to help the character who's name is revealed to be Evetzzirrah (Evet). The seven others and Brody are trapped in the village whilst Evet plots a more permanent solution...


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