DCLXVI – The Numeral of the Beast - Part 69


Stories around my fantasy trilogy - Breaking the Tranquillity of Solitude.

Shoot Him !

OK, so for starters let's correct my bad maths and say that VLOGS on Tuesday started on the 9th not the 12th as I said last week and BLOGS are on Friday’s starting today. Sorry for any confusion but my Covid sensors got in a mix and I think I looked at January’s calendar !

Anyway, here we are on Friday 12th with the BLOG about Tuesdays VLOG which was a reading from Breaking the Tranquillity of Solitude Part 2 Chapter 1. Here it is in the format and style you would see it in the book if you purchased it from Amazon in any format 😉.

Using all her imagination and the horrific detail she had gleaned from Brody and Cu-bér, she rose from her hunched position under the window, straightened her back and suggestively pushed out her bust as best she could manage. This drew strange glances of silent awe between the guards and total confusion from the other three.

‘What is she up to?’ was the unlinked but unilaterally thought question that simultaneously emanated from Brody, Cu-bér and Evet.
In her best sultry to slutty improvisation, she slowly but meaningfully raised her right arm and commanded the men…

“Shoot… him!”

At that very moment she pointed directly to Evet. To reiterate and differentiate the target, she continued to point and repeated louder,


For Brody, time began to freeze and everything seemed to go into super slow mo. He pushed himself up and lunged towards the three outstretched gun barrels from the left side just as Cu-bér kicked the door closed from his hidden vantage point behind it on the right side. The hollow rakataktak of automatic gunfire was deafening as bullets sprayed all over the room. The empty cases were sent clanging onto the wooden floor as they were rapidly expelled ten to the dozen from the clips of the three Tommy guns. Even in this horrific slow motion malaise, Brody flashed a thought of Gloria with Mickey’s Bren gun and the irony of the answer he had sought earlier was complete.

Normal speed was resumed as Brody crashed into the spitting gun barrels side on and the door smashed into the shoulder of one of the goons sending him flying into the other two.

Apologies again as I just watched the VLOG myself and my reading wasn’t brilliant, however I’m sure you got the gist. Straight after Book 1 we find Brody, Cu-bér, Evet and Charlotte trying to hash out a plan to get themselves home when the confused guards step in to try to sort things out, their incompetence and Evets attempts to subvert their thought patterns combine to set up the situation that unfolds as Charlotte who was previously being controlled by Evets thought control now turns the tables on him and orders them to shoot him. Brody knows Evet is needed alive to help get him home so jumps up to try to save Evet. Cu-bér does the same and the collision is catastrophic. Even in the heat of this deadly incident Brody can’t help but be drawn to thoughts of film clips and things from his past that epitomise the moment.

The outcome of this strange incident dictates much of the rest of the book so I won’t reveal what transpires and implore you to go get a copy and find out for yourselves 😊.


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Breaking The Tranquillity Of Solitude Part 2
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