DCLXVI – The Numeral of the Beast - Part 71


Stories around my fantasy trilogy - Breaking the Tranquillity of Solitude.

Mom. Is That You? (An Excerpt from Chapter 8)

He threw the pillow at the wall and the signed picture of the cast of his favourite TV show crashed to the floor, glass splinters flying in all directions.

“SHIT!” he exclaimed loudly.

“Language, Broderick Edward Martins, you need to get up now, it’s time for school.”


“Mom!” Confusion gave way to panic and he shouted out...

“Mom, is that you?”

“Who else would it be, numpty boy? Get up, you have a test in two hours and you need some breakfast before you go.” The sweet voice he had not heard for twenty-seven years circled his head. It couldn’t be but it was. He knew that voice.

“Where’s Dad?”

“Now, don’t start that, love, you know your dad passed away eighteen months gone now. We have been through all this; just because his body was never recovered, you still have to accept that he couldn’t have survived that fall. It was a freak accident and we have to try to put it aside and move along.” A single tear rolled down the side of her nose. She wiped it away quickly.

Brody turned his head back towards the bed and saw his sheets were moist and realised he himself had been crying as the voice of his grieving mother was reassuring him, as it always had. His father had died just eighteen months and three weeks before his mother. He had supposedly fallen from Niagara Falls, but his body had never been found and his mother had been killed in a road traffic accident.

Without giving anything away Brody has been whisked across space and time into another alternate reality or timeline, at this point he has no idea how or why but ends up as an adult inside the body of the 11 year old ‘him’ various interesting adventures ensue but his initial reaction is one of sorrow as it brings painful memories of his parents tragic deaths flooding back. Little does he know at this point how relevant these thoughts will become.

If you want to find out what occurs next get yourself a copy and find out  😊.


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Brody Martins Asleep and Dreaming
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