DCLXVI – The Numeral of the Beast - Part 90


Stories around my fantasy trilogy - Breaking the Tranquillity of Solitude.

Influences 10-9

Over the next few weeks in the run up to my expected release date of August 7th 2021 I’ve decided to open up the ‘homage’ section of my work. Basically for anyone living on another planet or ironically in another reality ? ! The story of Breaking the Tranquillity of Solitude is and always has been a homage to everything I hold dear.

Yes it started with dreams which were inspired by music and yadda yadda yadda, for full story see blog x, y and z from months ago etc etc BUT I want to look closer at a definitive top 10 of people or things that have strongly influenced me and in turn the development of the story itself.

Taking it as read that the people I have dedicated the various parts of the book to, family members and friends are obviously far more important, lets just look at who what and how I am made of…

In the book, mine and the main character Brody’s favourite band are never officially mentioned, but lyrics from songs and many hidden references quite easily give away their identity. So I’m sure its no surprise that number 10 on this list is…

10. and 9. Noddy Holder & Slade

ha haa ! that surprised you I’m sure as, no Noddy and Slade are not my all-time favourites and are not the big dream influencers you thought I was about to mention. However they are the first knowledge of music I ever had… At the tender age of about 5 or 6 I was introduced to Slade by my sister who at the time worked in a local record store and regularly met famous faces when they came in to promote their current record releases. I thus have a few signed sleeves from that period. I was very singular minded back then (still am really) and to me Slade were THE only group worth mentioning, not till later in life did my tastes change and I could then appreciate anything else. I had heard the boom of Noddy and the screech of Dave’s guitar backed by multiple instruments played by the amazing Jim with the iconic sound of Don’s drums in the background… And I was hooked, set for the next 20 years or more ! I still absolutely LOVE SLADE !

Noddy Holder doesn’t know me as such but I was lucky enough to meet him at the record shop on a few occasions and of recent years he actually agreed to allow me to use some of Slade’s tracks in my promotional videos that I had made for my goalkeeper coaching schools. Check them out on U-Tube.

Next week I’ll reveal a few more top influencers and some will possibly surprise you more than others.

Slade with Noddy Holder
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