Breaking The Tranquillity of Solitude Part Two – Signed

Fantasy SciFi Fiction trilogy – the story of a man struggling his way through his life unaware of the consequences of his actions & inactions.

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The price for making history may be… the future!

Brody Martin’s, trapped in a mystifying alternate state is still unaware of his own simple error which led him there. Every direction seems to offer déjà vu, pain, and confusion. His deepest desire to get home is thwarted by the harmful possibility its success may create. Memories of friends from home become a strange mirror image of his current allies, and he knows that any escape attempt could potentially destroy them all.

Devastated by an horrific twist of fate, the decision of which reality is safer is made for him. With only one thing to blame he sets out on a new mission of retribution. Wanting justice for the loss, so brutally experienced and still longing to leave this contrary place, living here no longer satisfies his basic need for survival.

Constantly thwarted by his nemesis in this alternate version of reality, Brody vows to take revenge. The new companions, battle not only their growing inner demons, but also must overcome the evil intent that opposes their goal. Past and present blur into one as Brody leads his friends to flee the oblivion that beckons them all…

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